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New Image Salon and Spa

36 Doe Run Road, Manheim, PA 17545 717-665-2625

Natural. Organic. Sunless.

We carry three different levels of formula specially designed for

different skin tones.

Solution 6 is designed to be used on fair/light skin and contains 6% DHA strength.

Solution 9 is designed to be used on light/med skin and contains 9% DHA strength.

Solution 12 is designed for medium/dark skin tones and contains 12% DHA strength.


1 spray tan $38

3 spray tans $100 (save $14)

5 spray tans $165 (save $25)

For best results & longer lasting tan, follow these simple instructions.

Before You Spray Tan:

  • Exfoliate your skin the day before being airbrushed. This gives your skin time to naturally moisturize itself and as a result, the tan will be more even
  • and longer lasting.
  • DO NOT use bar soap. The residue acts as a barrier to the active tanning ingredients.
  • Shower at least 4 hrs before the tan (12-18 hrs is best). Any sooner and you will run the risk of bronzers getting into open pores and looking "speckled" and thus becoming clogged.
  • Skin should be free of makeup, deodorants, oils & lotions.
  • Areas that have been waxed within 24 hrs may tan lighter than non-waxed areas.

Post Tanning Care:

  • Wait 6-8 hours before showering.
  • Before showering, avoid strenuous activity causing you to sweat.
  • Moisturize twice daily.
  • Use tan extender (tinted moisturizer).
  • Pat dry when exiting shower.

The entire product line is made from naturally derived ingredients,

Organic DHA, and 100% Vegan.